Many families of children in Los Angeles public schools have experienced hunger, loss of income and other challenges during the pandemic, while also lacking reliable access to the internet during distance learning, according to a new survey.

The survey of 1,100 families with school-aged children enrolled in L.A. Unified Schools was a collaboration between the University of Southern California and the Partnership for LA Schools. The families surveyed live in three Los Angeles neighborhoods: Boyle Heights, South Los Angeles and Watts. The Partnership for LA Schools is a non-profit organization that manages 19 L.A. Unified district schools in those neighborhoods.

More than three-quarters of families surveyed said they have dealt with a loss of income since the pandemic started, and 72% said they have experienced food insecurity in that time. Additionally, 25% of families said they do not have broadband internet access at home — 17% have no internet access at all and 8% can only access the internet on mobile devices.

“These findings should challenge all of us to spend more time listening to our families and grappling with how we can honor their voices and experiences in the work we do together in service of students,” Joan Sullivan, CEO of the Partnership for LA Schools, said in a statement.