NOTE: The API was discontinued in 2014 and has been replaced by the California School Dashboard. The API was a number, used for school accountability purposes, summarizing the performance of a group of students, a school, or a district on California’s standardized tests. The API was discontinued with the introduction of the Smarter Balanced tests aligned with the Common Core standards, and the push in the state to establish an accountability system based on multiple measures. A school’s number (or API score) was used to rank it among schools of the same type (elementary, middle, high) and among the 100 schools of the same type that were most similar in terms of students served, teacher qualifications, and other factors. Schools and districts also received separate API scores for any student group – including ethnic subgroups, socioeconomically disadvantaged students, English learners, and students with disabilities – comprised of more than 10 students with valid test scores. They only received academic growth targets for “numerically significant” student groups, however.