$20 million for accelerated literacy, including a reading interventionist at all TK-8 schools with below average reading scores, additional instructional support and additional tutors in TK-2

$11 million for computers at school sites and $2 million for computing devices for kindergartners and new students for home use

$9 million for additional tutoring after school, during summers and Saturdays

$7 million to implement a Parent-Teacher Home Visit project

$6 million to transform the independent study program to a “distance learning pathway”

$3 million for expanded mental health services

More than half of the funding to hire more than 120 teachers to reduce class sizes for TK-3, cap class sizes in other grades

$3.2 million to boost college and career counseling in all high schools

$2.2 million for campus security officers at high schools and middle schools

$1.3 million to increase academic tutoring

$800,000 for social-emotional learning supports

$36.8 million for additional teachers and classified staff for student social and emotional learning and behavioral health

$26.7 million to broaden summer and intercession programs with experiential learning and academic supports in all grades

$13 million for staff and resources to expand independent study programs

$4.6 million for instruments, equipment and outside contracts to expand visual and performing arts

$3 million for additional staff to support English learners during and outside of school

$2.9 million to expand AVID, a college preparatory program, to all schools

$15 million to update the math curriculum, incorporating supplemental online resources and diagnostic tools

$6 million to expand the number of sites with summer learning

$5.4 million for teachers and staff for students identified as needing extra support

$5.2 million for social and emotional learning supports, including a universal mental health screening system

$4 million for before/after school and intercession tutoring

$1 million to develop Community Learning Hubs with afterschool tutoring, WiFi-access, and referrals to agencies for additional services

$37 million to replace furniture to create a new collaborative classroom environment

$24 million to train all teachers and administrators in new “culturally responsive” ways to teach students

$18 million for four-week enrichment/acceleration summer school at all schools

$11 million to reduce class sizes and to target students identified as needing extra help in grades one to three

$7.6 million for High School Success Initiative focused on ninth grade students with STEM projects and student leadership academies

$3 million for coaches in social/emotional learning and restorative justice

$22 million for HVAC and roofing improvements

$6 million to expand enrichment and accelerated learning though community partnerships, including Digital Nest and the Latino Youth Film Institute

$2.4 million to continue district’s Virtual Academy for students who want to continue remote learning

$1.7 million to continue providing instructional aides focused on literacy in elementary grades for two more years

$1.2 million to continue employing additional social and emotional counselors and mental health clinicians through 2023-24

$1 million to expand summer school and add hours for intercession and after-school assistance

$7.5 million to extend the school day for all students 30 minutes in 2022-23 and 2023-24

$4.5 million to contract with providers of frequent, one-on-one or small group tutoring during or after the school day in the areas of English Language Arts, math, and English Language Development

$3.7 million to hire 15 general education and four special education teachers to provide virtual learning for about 1,000 students

$2.2 million to provide all teachers with an additional 30 minutes each week through June 2024 for teacher collaboration

$2 million to extend the school year during summers and intercession for targeted student groups through summer 2024

$1.8 million to contract with providers with expertise in career tech education, science, engineering, the arts and technology for in-school enrichment activities through June 2024