In response to efforts in many California school districts to reduce suspensions and expulsions and to build a positive school climate, EdSource is convening the Educators Network for Effective School Discipline to assist those responsible for implementing discipline policies in schools and districts to share best practices and to collaborate on successful strategies.

The initiative is inspired by a widespread feeling that the voice of educators has not been sufficiently heard in debates and discussions regarding school discipline at a state and national level.

In recognition of the fact that no “one size fits all” approach will work for California’s nearly 1,000 school districts, the Network will highlight a range of strategies and approaches. Commentaries, op-eds and articles written by educators discussing their experiences and needs will be published in a variety of media outlets.

The Network will also connect superintendents, principals and teachers with a range of tools and models for implementing effective and prevention-oriented approaches that promote positive behavior and a positive school climate using a peer-to-peer approach. There will be a secure online space for sharing best practices and discussion with colleagues. Regional and peer-to-peer consultations are also possibilities.

The network was chaired by Carl Cohn, director of the Urban Leadership Program at Claremont Graduate University until September 20, 2015 when he assumed his post as executive director of the California Collaborative for Educational Excellence.

Are you interested in participating? If you are an educator in California (i.e. superintendent, school board member, principal, teacher, or support staff working at a school or school district) and are committed to working on creating a positive school climate that can contribute to lower suspension and expulsion rates, please sign up below.