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How should schools welcome back students in the fall? How did a year under Covid change teachers’ view of their work? What online learning practices are worth keeping once students resume full time in the classroom?

We asked members of EdSource’s new Teachers Advisory Committee these questions during a recent meeting and recorded their responses. Their reflections, which they agreed to share with readers, are interesting and insightful.

The advisory committee, which we created this school year, consists of a baker’s dozen of veteran teachers who are active in their field and were informally recommended by their peers. They teach in small and big districts, come from various parts of the state, are ethnically diverse and enjoy each other’s company. Members are listed at the end of the video.

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  1. William Barnes 2 years ago2 years ago

    Yes, finally! Education as it was meant to be. I’ve always said students are people first. They’re not numbers, statistics, test takers, or cogs. It’s too bad it took a catastrophe like Covid-19 to realize that, but we have a real chance for some profound and brilliant change to our educational system.