On June 23, EdSource’s John Fensterwald gave a presentation on California’s school finance system to several hundred high school students. The event was the final day of the second Summer Academy, organized by the California education nonprofit Ed100, for students interested in affecting education policies.

Addressed to the class of 2020-21, “The Ginny Chronicles” is a 15-minute short course on two decades of events and federal and state education policies that have shaped their years in school. It follows Ginny the guinea pig from kindergarten through high school as she experiences the consequences of two recessions, a pandemic and policies like the No Child Left Behind Act.

Note: The final dollars for education in the state budget, which was passed three weeks after Fensterwald’s presentation to the Ed100 academy, differ slightly from the slide in the video. For details on the 2021-22 budget, go here.

This video was co-produced by EdSource artist Sunny Xie and digital communications manager Andrew Reed.

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  1. Jeff Camp 2 years ago2 years ago

    It was a privilege to include Ginny the Guinea in the 2021 Ed100 Online Academy for Student Leaders. What a great way to absorb the Very Big Changes that kids have lived through in their school experience! Student leaders can play an influential role as advocates, especially when equipped with perspective about how their experiences “fit” in the ever-evolving story of education systems.

  2. Dick Jung 2 years ago2 years ago

    EdSource has always set a high bar its coverage of education in California, a state educating one of every nine school-aged children in this country. This video hits a high watermark in that reporting. The real “Ginny'” children of this world and those who care about them thank and congratulate you for creating this video.