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Jennifer Butterfoss helps her children, Lilly and Duke get an educational video set up as a part of their homeschooling. Butterfoss has set up a schedule for homeschooling during the coronavirus crisis and is ready for a long road ahead.

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Tuesday, May 12, from 1 p.m to 2 p.m.

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In his March 13 executive order, Gov. Gavin Newsom stated that school districts and charter schools should continue to deliver “high-quality educational opportunities to the extent feasible.”

But what does “high quality” mean? What does “feasible” involve? What should parents expect from their schools and their teachers? And what strategies might be most effective for high-quality learning?

For answers, we’ll turn to researchers from the Center on Reinventing Public Education at the University of Washington Bothell, who are tracking how more than 100 school districts and charter school organizations nationwide transitioned to distance learning.

And Pasadena Unified high school history teacher Manuel Rustin and Los Angeles school leadership director Jeffrey Garrett, co-hosts of the YouTube show “All of the Above: An Unstandardized Take on Education,” will bring a classroom perspective to the discussion.

Among the questions they will address:

  • How have effective districts/schools improved over time?
  • What strategies do effective school districts have in common?
  • What should be the balance between instruction and independent study/enrichment?
  • How often should teachers hold office hours for parents/students?
  • Should live (synchronous) instruction be encouraged/required?
  • What might a daily schedule look like?


Bree Dusseault is practitioner-in-residence at the Center on Reinventing Public Education. Dusseault previously served as executive director of Green Dot Public Schools Washington, executive director of preK-12 Schools for Seattle Public Schools, researcher at CRPE, and was a principal and teacher.

Jeffrey Garrett is the Senior Director of Leadership Development at the Partnership for Los Angeles Schools, a non profit, in district partner with LAUSD, which supports school transformation in three of LA’s most historically underserved communities. He is co-host of the “All of the Above” YouTube channel.

Lanya McKittrick is a research analyst at the Center on Reinventing Public Education, where she works on projects related to special education and families. Her primary research interests are collaboration and family-professional partnerships.

Manuel Rustin is a high school history teacher and has been teaching for 16 years. Rustin serves as Chair of the History-Social Science Subject Matter Committee on the California Department of Education’s Instructional Quality Commission. He is co-host of the “All of the Above” YouTube channel.

Steven Wilson is a Senior Fellow with the Center on Reinventing Public Education. For three decades, Wilson has sought to spark change in urban public education — offering fresh ideas in his writing and research, shaping legislative change, and opening new schools that prove what’s possible.

Moderated by:

John Fensterwald, EdSource’s education policy reporter and co-hosts our This Week in California Education podcast.

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