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The map below gives a broad indication of the kind of instruction offered by all or most public school districts in a particular county — whether via in-person or distance learning, or a mixture of the two — as of Dec. 16, 2020. It is based on information from county offices of education from Dec. 7-16, supplemented by EdSource research.

Note: The map does not include private, parochial or charter schools, or special education or other small group classes for students with special needs that districts are offering through the state’s “small cohort” guidance. “In-person instruction” refers to counties where most or all districts offer some form of in-person instruction in regular classes, often in hybrid formats, to some or all grades, and to those students who wish to participate. 

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  1. Sue Rosa 2 years ago2 years ago

    Parents have options now that President Trump has extended school choice. Single parents can now be able to send children to much needed in person school.options.