Achieving fair funding for school modernization in California: a case study [VIDEO]

September 6, 2019

Karin Temple, Chief operating officer for Fresno Unified School District, shows a rusted pipe taken from a Fresno public school

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The video has been updated with information on the $15 billion school construction bond on the March 2020 state election ballot.

In this video (subtítulos disponible en Español *), EdSource examines the challenges that an urban, low-wealth school district in California faces modernizing its schools. Fresno Unified, the state’s 4th largest district, is struggling to repair aging buildings while student and community needs for air-conditioned lunch rooms, health centers and gymnasiums go unfunded. Fresno Unified ‘s assessed value per student is about a fifth of the statewide average. That puts it at a disadvantage with wealthier districts in floating larger construction bonds that are eligible for matching state funding. Finance and research experts suggest ways to reform the system.

Read an EdSource explainer on the bond here.

Captions in Spanish are available, please click the “CC” icon in the YouTube settings on the lower part of the video box.

*Para ver subtítulos en Español, haga clic en el ícono “CC” en la parte inferior de la pantalla del video.

Video written and produced by John Fensterwald, EdSource. Filmed by Elie Khadra and Chris Schodt, edited by Chris Schodt. 

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