A new state law requires California schools to test water for lead by July 1, 2019. Action is required if test results are higher than 15 parts per billion.

More than 3,700 schools* have already conducted tests. This database shows the highest test result over the past two years at those schools. Lead is a toxic metal that can pose a health risk, especially to children.

School Max Detected Lead Level (ppb) Date of Max Lead Test Status of Fixture Highest Active Lead Level (ppb) Date of Highest Active Test

Lead levels above 15 ppb, the federal limit, require schools to replace faucets and notify parents.

Test results between 5 ppb and 15 ppb do not require action but pediatricians and other health advocates say they pose a health risk especially to children.

This group includes test results of 5 ppb or less. Health advocates say lead levels under 1 ppb are considered safe.

*Note: This database includes test results reported to the State Water Resources Control Board (6/1/2018), plus tests conducted in the Los Angeles Unified (5/20/2018), Oakland Unified (4/13/2018), and San Diego Unified School District (6/15/2018). Private schools are not required to test their water but can opt to do so. The database includes 174 of the state’s nearly 3,000 private schools.