State Board of Education approves English Learner Roadmap

July 18, 2017

Fourth-grade English learner students at Wilson Elementary School in Sanger, Calif.

SACRAMENTO – To help California’s more than 1.3 million English learners navigate through the public school system, the State Board of Education has approved an “English Learner Roadmap.”

The Roadmap is the first new language policy adopted in nearly two decades to serve the one in four public school students throughout the state who are classified as English learners. It is expected to help schools in the more than 1,000 districts statewide to meet updated state and federal education requirements and laws.

Approved last week, the Roadmap aims to help English learner students and their parents know what courses, programs and services are available to them. It was created partially in response to the passage of Proposition 58 last year, which eliminated some legal barriers to bilingual education. Prop. 58 paves the way for all students to “receive the highest quality education, master the English language, and access high-quality and innovative language programs,” according to a news release.

The Roadmap is expected to help schools achieve “California’s vision of success for English learners.” The vision states: “English learners fully and meaningfully access and participate in a 21st century education from early childhood through grade 12 that results in their attaining high levels of English proficiency, mastery of grade level standards, and opportunities to develop proficiency in multiple languages.”

The California Department of Education will provide districts and other organizations with additional guidance about how to strengthen programs and services for English learners. The guidance is also expected to help improve teachers’ instruction, as well as curriculum and tests for English learners.

The complete Roadmap can be found by clicking on Item 05 on the State Board of Education’s July 12 agenda.

Watch for an EdSource story with more details about the Roadmap coming soon.

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