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Gov. Jerry Brown.

Gov. Jerry Brown on Monday signed the $171 billion state budget for the year starting July 1 without deleting any spending items. The budget, which the Legislature passed on June 15, directs an additional $3 billion into the state’s rainy-day reserve – one of the governor’s top priorities. The reserve will rise to $6.7 billion by June 2017.

The Sacramento Bee reported that the last time a governor signed an intact budget, without penciling out spending, was 1982, during Brown’s second term as governor.

The budget includes $71.9 billion through Proposition 98,  the main source of money for K-12 and community colleges. That’s $3.5 billion more than the Legislature approved last year and is a 4 percent increase. The budget also commits to increasing the number of slots for state preschool by nearly 9,000 over the next four years, a  victory for advocates of early education and their ally, the Legislative Women’s Caucus.

For a summary of the impact of the budget on education, from preschool through higher education, go here. 


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