The Education Data Partnership’s new interactive site now has 2013-14 financial data by district and for the state as a whole. The data include five-year trend graphs for revenues and expenditures.

California’s Ed-Data site is the only place where these financial data are so easily accessible to the general public.

In addition, bond and parcel tax election data from 1983 through November 2014 are available, including new graphs that show five-year trends.

Ed-Data unveiled its new site in October 2014, featuring interactive graphs. By clicking on the graphs, the numbers behind the lines or bars are easily accessible. Users can also choose to toggle between numbers and percentages. And every graph includes a table with the data.

Besides financial data, the new site has updated performance data, including five-year trend graphs for information such as:

  • Graduates and dropouts;
  • California High School Exit Exam results;
  • English learners who have met proficiency targets;
  • Physical fitness test results;
  • SAT, ACT and Advanced Placement (AP) test results.

Users can view much of the data at the school, district, county and state levels. For performance and demographic data, users can filter by race/ethnicity, gender and whether students are English learners or socioeconomically disadvantaged.

The graphs and tables include notes explaining the data, and glossary definitions or account code definitions for financial data can be accessed without leaving the page.

The new data can also be easily downloaded, printed and shared. However, due to a recent update of Firefox, some Ed-Data sharing features are not currently working with that browser. The features work well in Chrome and Safari.

Earlier data – beginning in 1994 – are still available on the original Ed-Data site. When the new site is completed, it will include all the relevant data currently found on the original site.

The new site will soon offer the ability to compare financial and other data, a popular feature on the original site.

The Education Data Partnership is a joint effort by the California Department of Education, the Fiscal Crisis & Management Assistance Team and EdSource. It provides financial, demographic, performance, staffing and election data for schools, districts, counties and the state.



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