LCFF lemmings poised to leap?

June 14, 2013

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Eric Premack

The current Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF) legislation pending before the Legislature utterly fails to reach any of the key reform goals that Gov. Jerry Brown and his advisers articulated. The bill presents the Legislature and governor with a stark choice.

The key goals of LCFF, as articulated by the governor’s astute adviser Mike Kirst and his colleagues in a seminal paper, were as follows:

Veto Bait

The governor and his advisers deserve kudos for trying to accommodate many of California’s influential education interest groups and for attempting to keep the process transparent – at least until the last week when extensive changes were made behind closed doors and without public discussion. The resulting LCFF proposals, unfortunately, are worse than the current system because they lend the false impression of a significant improvement. The Legislature should reject it. If not, Governor Brown should simply come clean, admit the failure, and veto the LCFF legislation if it hits his desk. If not, this bungled pseudo-reform will prove a major stain on an otherwise increasingly-impressive track record.

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Eric Premack is executive director of the Charter Schools Development Center, a leading charter school support and advocacy organization he founded in 1993.  Premack previously worked for School Services of California, Inc., and the Office of the Legislative Analyst.

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