A small San Francisco non-profit announced a heavy-weight addition to their team Friday: Hillary Clinton. Former Secretary of State Clinton and the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation will partner with Next Generation on an advocacy campaign supporting policies aimed at improving life for children from infancy to age 5.

“Clinton will be very involved – she knows her stuff,” said Matt James, the president and co-founder of Next Generation. “She has an enormous credibility, especially with moms.”

The new campaign, dubbed Too Small to Fail, aims to get businesses to support early education and create work-place policies to support working parents. They will also distribute research on early childhood development and provide families with information about best practices during the first five years of their children’s lives. The campaign will focus on issues like prenatal health and nutrition, vocabulary development and flexible hours for new parents, said Ann O’Leary, the director of the children and families program at Next Generation.

Next Generation leaders said Friday that they will begin to roll out their campaign over the next several months with a ramp up expected in the fall, just the time legislation concerning President Barack Obama’s proposal to spend $75 billion on federal funding for public preschool over the next decade is expected to be introduced in Congress.

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