Given how Gov. Brown and others promoted Prop. 30, some are are under the impression that passage of the measure is a great windfall for California schools. Not exactly, say EdSource’s John Fensterwald in an interview with KQED’s Cy Musiker.

Of the $6 billion expected to be raised by Prop. 30, Fensterwald says about $3 billion will make it to schools. While that may “stop the bleeding” and help stabilize school finances, it does little to increase California’s per-pupil spending, an important measure of how well states support their schools. As Fensterwald notes, in one study California was ranked 47th in spending per pupil. It’s unlikely passage of Prop. 30 will improve that measure much.

To learn more and listen to the full interview, visit  With Prop. 30 Victory, Brown Paints Rosier Future for Schools | KQED Public Media for Northern CA.


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