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African American and Latino students showed the biggest gains on California High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE) results for the Class of 2012, narrowing the achievement gap between them and their Asian and white counterparts, according to preliminary results reported by the California Department of Education.

African Americans in the Class of 2012 gained 2.3 percentage points over the Class of 2011, with 91.9 percent passing the exam by the end of their senior year. Latino students saw a 1.4 percentage point increase over 2011, with 93.1 percent passing.

Altogether, 95 percent of students in the Class of 2012 passed the CAHSEE, an increase of 0.8 of a percentage point over the previous year. White students, at 98.6 percent, had the highest passing rate, followed by Asian students at 97.8 percent – both percentages an increase from 2011.

Since 2006, when the CAHSEE was first required for graduation, African Americans have gained 8.2 percentage points and Latinos 7.6 points.


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  1. soren 10 years ago10 years ago

    An exam where 90%+ pass is a poor measure for measuring any gap.